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Little Buds

Simply Magnolia With Vase | Faux Fuchsia Magnolia Arrangement With Vase


Little Buds Simply Magnolia is a seasonal rhapsody in glass and silk.
This harbinger of warmer things to come is embodied in our graceful faux magnolia branches.
Alluringly lifelike, both artificial branches included have bursts of both open silk fuchsia-tinted blooms and peeping buds, making them alluringly lifelike. 
Accompanying the branches  is a gorgeous hand-blown ‘Chara’ vase sourced from ethical homestyle merchant, Nkuku.
Each vase is carefully fashioned out of recycled glass, featuring a hand-made hammered finish and a brass trim to add to the vintage appeal. We think this simple, elegant ensemble is perfect for a small space like a bathroom, hall or kitchen windowsill. 
Tip: For even more vintage flavour why not pair with another Little Buds faux confection available in one of our signature aged terracotta pots? 



Vase height 27cm
Overall height approx 52 cm