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Dazzling Dahlias | Faux Dahlia Floral Arrangement


The Victorians were fascinated by the geometric perfection of the dahlia, and grand stately homes had whole flowerbeds dedicated to their delicate beauty. I mean, who doesn't love a dahlia?! 
Our version of this seasonal classic is a multicoloured profusion of faux flawlessness guaranteed to turn heads in your home. The flamboyant tones and realistic gradations of colour have been carefully chosen to look as though they've been freshly cut from your garden. And while the real thing is known for its short-lived beauty, by contrast our artificial Dazzling Dahlias bouquet will show nary a blemish!  

Our faux flowers all come with long stems that can be easily bent or cut to your chosen length (max 61cm).
Images are of a single bouquet.