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Little Buds

Harvest Time


The golden season of autumn is upon us, and with it a chance for another gorgeous display.
Harvest Time is beautifully curated, each bloom carefully chosen in wonderful glowing hues.
The dusky pink perfection of a dahlia, gingery apricot and deep pink hydrangea, nestling in with creamy roses each with different-sized rosebuds, all comprise the floral heart.
The bouquet is delicately framed by shimmering eucalyptus and whimsical rice grass to add texture. Harvest Time will create a welcoming and warm ambiance in any space, heralding this most majestic of seasons.


Our faux flower stems all come with long stems that can be easily bent or cut to your chosen length. 
(Stem length is Max 61cm , but stems can easily be cut or bent to fit any vase size.)