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Why create an account?


Creating an account with us means we can keep you informed of order confirmation, despatch, tracking and delivery details. We’ll also send you any exciting Little Buds news, offers and new collection previews. Your address details are safely stored, meaning when you return to buy your new blooms for the next season, it’ll be a quicker shopping experience.


How do I change my personal details?


Moving house? Getting married? Log in to your account and on the left hand side of the screen under your current name and address details click on the link, ‘View Addresses’, slightly greyed out. Alter anything by pressing the ‘edit’ link. You can even add an address to send a gorgeous little something to another as a gift!


How do I unsubscribe from your emailing list?


We’re sorry to see you leave, but we understand that life gets a little busy sometimes. If you no longer wish to receive any emails from us, please drop a note to confirming that you wish to be removed from our list. Please make sure that you send the request from the email address that you want to unsubscribe.

Alternatively, there are unsubscribe links within every email that you can click to unsubscribe. 


Shipping and deliveries


Delivery is free for orders over £100, and £4.50 otherwise for the UK. Please allow 7 working days.

We offer express tracked delivery: DPD (one working day) for £13.00 and Parcelforce 48 (two working days) for £9.00. This is available for orders made Monday-Friday, excluding Northern Ireland public holidays. We do not ship on Saturday or Sunday. 

We offer European delivery which is either £10 or £15 depending on your destination zone. The amount will be automatically calculated when you input your shipping details at checkout. 

We also now offer delivery outside Europe to the Rest of the World. Again, the amount will be automatically calculated when you input your shipping details, and the price depends on the value of the order. It is sent Standard International, and will take 3-17 business days to get to you. 

International (non-Europe/UK/IRL)

£0.00–£70.00 order value = £21 postage
£71.00–£130.00 order value = £28
£130.00 and up order value = £35




Missing orders


If your blooms haven’t arrived and you’re wondering where they’ve got to, please allow 7 – 10 working days if they have been dispatched by standard courier.


Please note during especially busy times dispatch times may be slightly longer.


If you still have not received your order and are concerned that it has gone missing then please drop us a line ohello@wearelittlebuds, giving your order number,  full details of your name, address and the items ordered.




Each of our stems is carefully picked and packed by hand at Little Buds HQ in Northern Ireland. If your delivery doesn’t arrive in the condition expected, please let us know immediately and we will endeavour to sort it out. Each arrangement is guaranteed for one month post purchase .



Is online payment the only way to pay?


Yes. All items must be paid for at the point of submitting your order. You can choose from paying via debit/credit card, Klarna or PayPal. Please see for more details about choosing Klarna as a payment option. 


Caring for your Little Buds delivery


How can I clean my faux arrangement or artificial houseplant?


We recommend lightly dusting your faux bouquet every week to remove anything unwanted that might settle, or alternatively use a hairdryer at the LOWEST (cool) heat setting.


Can Little Buds be left outdoors?


Many people ask us this question! As our faux stems are made of silk and other delicate materials, they aren’t designed to be left outdoors for long periods. Outdoor faux plants and stems are often covered with UV coating, making them less likely to fade, but also much less realistic. Little Buds faux arrangements and houseplants are more than suitable for an afternoon in the garden if you’re having a party for example, but really should be brought back indoors when festivities are over. 

Our outdoor planters and hanging baskets are a little different – they have a light UV coating for protection against the weather but we don't recommend leaving them out in any elemental extremes like snow, frost, direct sunlight or strong winds.

They will need to be protected from the weather during colder months under a porch, or taken indoors for safe keeping until warmer and less windy weather arrives. 

Will my faux arrangement fade over time?

Whilst we want you to enjoy your bouquet for as long as possible, the lifespan will depend on how it is used. We can guarantee they will last MUCH longer than real flowers, however we cannot guarantee precise longevity. This naturally will depend on how the bouquet has been used and handled over time, where it has been displayed and the varying temperatures and manner in which it has been kept.

It’s important to remember that even faux has an expiry date. Artificial flowers will fade over time. Absolutely, take care of them and display them for as long as they’re bringing you joy, but if after a while, they’ve lost some of their charm, don’t be afraid to retire them and treat yourself to a new look. Another trick our customers use to extend the lifespan of their blooms and keep them fresh and exciting is to alternate between arrangements throughout the year to suit their mood or the seasons.

Vibrantly coloured flowers will fade quicker than more subtle colours, but as with many fabrics, over time artificial materials will lighten. To ensure the longevity of your arrangement(s) we would recommend that you place them out of direct sunlight, for example not on a windowsill. 

This is especially pertinent for our 'real-touch' stems like our tulips. Whilst our tulips last much longer than their real counterparts they do have a differing lifespan depending on their care and where they are situated. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your tulips, we would strongly recommend that you don’t display them on a windowsill. They are made of a special silicone to create that fabulous texture, and while not delicate, they will fade and yellow quite quickly if not taken care of properly. Again like fabric, they will do so more quickly the more light they are exposed to.

Another tip to maintain your arrangement is to avoid displaying/storing in or near damp or humid conditions and when storing make sure they're fully dry beforehand. It may be better if you store them in an airtight box in a cool place. Don't let them be subject to strong light (sunlight especially) or extremes of temperature, so please bear this in mind if you want to store them in a loft, airing cupboard or garage.

Unfortunately Little Buds cannot be held liable for any discolouration or problems with stems that occur six months after the purchase date, as we cannot guarantee they have been stored or displayed carefully. 

Can Little Buds oversee or create bespoke arrangements?


As we are a very small enterprise, unfortunately we are unable to create anything bespoke at the moment.


Are stems sold separately?


As we don’t send out our faux bouquets hand-tied, you're able to mix and match as you like. We don’t sell each stem separately, and you can remove any you don’t particularly want when arranging.


Can I put my Little Buds stems in water?


Little Buds faux stems can be included in real displays to bring life to a lacklustre bouquet. However we don’t recommend putting the artificial stems themselves in water as the interior of each is stiffened with a mouldable material that isn’t water resistant, and the ends of the stems are not sealed. This is also applicable when creating arrangements in transparent vases – water should not be included.


Can Little Buds arrangements and houseplants be displayed in hot environments like conservatories?


Little Buds faux arrangements and artificial plants are absolutely suitable for conservatories, sun rooms, windowsills etc. However, please bear in mind they are made of silk and other delicate materials and as such they may have problems if the heat is extreme, for example high summer in an enclosed space, or in direct sunlight behind glass which will amplify the temperature.


How can I store my Little Buds faux stems?


Please remember to put aside all the packaging from your Little Buds delivery. The wonderful thing about these oh faux fabulous arrangements is that they can move with each season, therefore rotating your displays is easy. Simply wrap them in tissue paper, pop them in the box and hold shut with an elastic band, ready for whenever you wish to display them again! Store in a cool, dark space to prevent damage.


How do I arrange my Little Buds faux bouquets?


Our artificial arrangements are delivered untied, so you can display them exactly as you wish. If your chosen vase is transparent, the stems are easily snipped for a realistic touch. If it’s not, stems can be bent and moulded, meaning you can switch up the look easily when you want to change the display. It’s very important to play around with each stem, and remember, varying the heights of the differing blooms can make an enormous difference to the effect.


We post regular arranging reels on our Instagram page, so make sure you're following us to learn how to do it! We also have a blog post on how to arrange - Flower Arranging 101 with Laura-Ann

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