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Little Buds

Mini Buds Ranunculus in Pink | Faux Ranunculus Arrangement in Vase


From the same family as the beloved buttercup, the name ranunculus means 'Little Frog' in Latin, and their captivating blooms were a symbol of charm and attractiveness in the Victorian era. A perennial favourite, the Little Buds pink faux version will charm anyone who sees it!

An attractive bundle of gorgeous faux blooms with four peeping buds in various gradations of pink, and each charming twine-tied posy comes popped in a glass vase filled with a touch of faux water.

Perfect for adding a mini pop of colour for a narrow shelf or mantlepiece on their own or as part of a larger display of Little Buds foliage to add an extra glow.  Also a great idea for a mini gift! 

Height approximately 17cm