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Hanging baskets & Planters | Faux For Outdoors

If you have a sheltered space facing north, or a shady spot that’s looking bare, what to do? Our fabulous faux to the rescue! These outstandingly lifelike artificial blooms will perfectly compliment anywhere that would benefit from a colour pop, but doesn’t get enough sun for the real thing. Real pots and hanging baskets are incredibly thirsty, so why not have all the look with none of the maintenance? Constant watering will be a thing of the past!

The imitation flowers and fake foliage have been almost invisibly coated in a light UV protection, able to withstand indirect sunlight and lightly breezy weather. The realistic faux-terracotta plastic planters are slightly weighted to provide an anchor, but not so heavy as to make them immovable: great news for bad backs! Each gorgeous basket comes complete with chain, all ready to go. While we don’t advise you to leave them in full sun, windy conditions or other elemental extremes, they’re perfect for sheltered locales where real flowers won’t grow.

Light UV protection.
Keep out of direct sun.
Keep out of wind and snow.
Planters are slightly weighted but not anchored completely and can blow over in strong winds.

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