Vivacious ❤️  Valentine's!

Vivacious ❤️ Valentine's!

Vivacious ❤️  Valentine's!


Valentine’s, or St Valentine’s Day to give it its proper name, has its roots in Christianity. Like many of our annual festivals it was embraced extensively in the 19th century, but much of its symbolism is centuries older. Name-checked by Shakespeare and even Chaucer, the motif of flowers as a love token in literature was first mentioned in 16th century poetry. I mean, who are we to mess with tradition!?
Faux rose posy arrangement

As a celebration around the world, many countries have different interpretations. In Japan, it’s all about the chocolate, whereas in one city in Lebanon, Valentine’s is considered more of about family love than a couple's love. In the US it's estimated that half of valentines are given to family members other than husband or wife, usually to children. In the UK, over half of us will splash out to honour the day.


Faux floral arrangement collage

When you send a bouquet, you're sending a time-honoured gift that expresses how you feel. Just think - if you go for faux, your expression will be endless. And don’t forget about yourself…exercising a little self-care by treating yourself with something faux-bulous is always a good idea! Whether celebrating a new flame or a long and happy marriage, a faux bouquet will always hit the mark.


midi faux rose arrangements with gift box

A midi faux bouquet is a modestly meaningful gift. Try the Arabella or Elsa, perfect in their gift boxes for occasions like this. Bud arrangements in a stylish vase like Little Buds Mini Roses, or its bigger cousins Little Buds Little Roses or Little Buds Posy are ideal for those with limited space. If you want to send romantic flowers to their place of work, a faux bud arrangement will prove perfect because it will fit on any desk.


Faux mini rose arrangements


Red roses are considered a symbol of love and adoration, and we’ve got this base covered with our luxuriously seductive Rose-Red faux rose arrangement. For something a little more untamed, try the Valentina, a dazzling faux rose arrangement that has a gorgeously foraged look with artificial wild hedgerow roses, breathless wisps of saxifraga and pretty ruffled ranunculus.


faux rose valentine's arrangement


Artificial flowers can be enjoyed all the time  – unlike chocolates which get eaten immediately! Faux florals can sit out on display to remind your love how much you care – every day of the year! Who wouldn’t love to see our Everlasting Love faux rose arrangement all year round?


Faux valentine's day floral arrangements





Choosing one of our classic artificial rose arrangements might be the traditional way to say “I love you” to someone special in your life. You can never go wrong with an arrangement of roses. But if you’re looking for something a bit different to show someone how much you care, consider sending our beautiful Armour artificial white hydrangea arrangement!  


faux country garden rose arrangement

Faux floral bouquets can be sent to friends and family – have you heard of galentine’s...or even palentine’s for male recipients? Valentine’s Day is now more than a day to celebrate romantic partners, it’s also a chance to show love and appreciation to all of the people closest to you. Giving faux as a gift is the perfect way to symbolise the affection you feel for your loved ones. A beautiful artificial arrangement will make your much-loved friend smile every time they see them.



The simple gesture of sending a faux arrangement for Valentine’s Day is a thoughtful way to demonstrate your devotion - like your love, it'll never die! As Valentine’s Day approaches, remember to show your affection to all the important people in your life. The gift of faux will be remembered and appreciated for years to come. 


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