Faux Bouquet with Christmas decorations on a sideboard

The benefits of artificial flowers – & why you need to go faux!

Faux Bouquet with Christmas decorations on a sideboard

Our bestselling Glistening Morning with a charming Little Buds White Christmas

 Faux fits the bill - every time...


Faux flowers are super-trendy right now. But why, exactly? Have a peep at our top reasons why we love, love, love going faux! 


Low maintenance


Nobody wants to spend time every day maintaining their new arrangement of flowers to get the best out of them. Snipping stems to precisely 45 degrees in cold water every day, plus rearranging them all over again? No thanks. Deadheading daily to get the most from your bunch - and don’t get me started on cleaning the slimy vase – yuck! Again, artificial wins the day.

With faux, it’s unpack, arrange, admire. Done.

There’s also the positioning – with faux you can pop them on a radiator shelf or beside your range, no wilting involved.


The Radiance faux bouquet beside a fire


The Radiance - right beside the fire!


Forever faux


Talking of wilting – with faux this isn’t just a non-issue, it’s perfect - forever. You can rotate your artificial arrangement as the mood, or the season, demands. Christmas peonies, check. Apple blossom in September? Check. Not only are some things unavailable out of season, but florists don’t even stock them in season – ever. Take the beauty of magnolia in springtime. Glorious, architectural and iconic, but you can’t buy it to bring home! With Little Buds’ faux version, it’s an easy win. And it can all be packed away for next time, or just when the mood takes you! Faux lasts and lasts, and with careful handling, you’ll have your favourite artificial arrangement for years. 


gift boxed faux bouquet


Sparkly ferns, anyone? | Sparkling Harper


Atchoo-free florals


Allergy Free faux flowers with children


 Sneeze-free playtime!


As allergy sufferers know, certain times of the year are just the ultimate misery. One reason Laura-Ann founded Little Buds was that one of her beloved boys is one such person – and faux stepped up to the plate! No snotty noses here! Flowers are the perfect gift as a thank you, but if you don’t go faux, can you be sure your recipient doesn’t suffer from hay fever? Your thoughtful gift might fall a bit flat. Faux takes the prize, and they’re welcome in medical settings too.


gift boxed faux bouquet


The Arabella and The Elsa - Perfectly sized, gift-boxed and recipient-ready!


Cost effective beauty


Real flowers go funny after a few days, necessitating the habitual clean up of petals, wilted buds and browning leaves…and then they die. Bye-bye beautiful bouquet! With faux they always look their best, which means the same artificial arrangement can be displayed for the whole season saving heaps of money as well as time. Real flowers are incredibly pricey for a decent bunch, whereas a superb quality artificial Little Buds arrangement will look super-realistic and won’t cost the earth week after week.



Country Living Faux Rose and Foxglove arrangement



The gorgeously indulgent Country Living - foxgloves are always in season!


Planting perfection


Houseplants. Low enough maintenance – but you still have to water them! Plus, who really knows how to water a succulent…too much or too little, it’s all the same, you end up with a mess. Our incredibly lifelike artificial houseplants not only don’t need watering, they also don’t have pesky roots or lopsided leaves to ruin the aesthetic appeal. Perfectly shaped, fuss-free, and they don’t even need a natural light source! Result!


Faux plants in kitchen


If it’s showtime...it’s faux time!


 The call we always dread – “hi, it’s [insert unplanned visitor name here], I’ve just seen you’re back from hols – I’m just popping round to see the kids…” and you’ve only just started unpacking. Arrrgghhh!! You’ll always be guest-ready with faux, all you need to do is stick the kettle on and you’re good to go!


 Faux flowers with tea set


 Guest-ready luxury arrangements for every day. 



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