🎁 Six reasons to give the gift of Festive Faux this Christmas

🎁 Six reasons to give the gift of Festive Faux this Christmas

🎁 Six reasons to give the gift of Festive Faux this Christmas

Give the gift of Festive Faux this Christmas!!


Faux Floral Arrangement


As everyone in the Western world (and beyond!) is aware, Christmas is a time of celebration, gift giving, and decorating. Choosing the perfect presents for family and friends is a frenzy of speculation and anticipation – and sometimes stress! What if they already have everything? What if they live so far away that you don’t know what they like? Or what if you just can’t think what to get them!!! At Little Buds, we’re pretty sure we’ve got the answer for everything…faux!!


Here are six reasons why we think faux makes the perfect Christmas gift.


faux wreath on door

  1. The person who has everything is a difficult one to buy for, but a gorgeous bouquet of faux flowers just might fit the bill. The only thing you have to decide on is which artificial arrangement they might like! If you still can’t decide, there’s always our fab digital gift cards, or printed gift vouchers.


Little Buds Gift Voucher
faux floral arrangement
2. The Victorian tradition of floriography is a forgotten language that can be extended to Christmas. After all, foxgloves were also known as ‘Our Lady’s gloves’, grown in gardens dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Yellow roses, for example, mean friendship. Red roses (of course!) mean love and Laura-Ann’s favourite, the peony, means bashfulness! Whether you research the floral meaning or not, the gift of a gorgeous faux arrangement at Christmas tells its own lovely story of affection.


Fake Floral Arrangement in metal vase

 3. Faux flowers at Christmas are both a gift and a decoration. Decking halls with beautiful faux garlands and flowers will provide an eye-catching display that is packed away for next year, just like your Christmas tree! Whether the faux bouquet or artificial wreath you give is used as a windowsill decoration or a Christmas table centrepiece, it’s something that will always be welcomed as a useful and beautiful gift. If your chosen recipient has splurged on giving to others, a bouquet is a great way of giving something back to them for themselves. When they take it out for display year after year, they’ll always think of how you spoiled them too!


Merry Midwinter faux floral arrangement

Merry Midwinter

 4. Flowers, whether artificial or real bring joy. A gorgeous arrangement of faux flowers will bring a moment of happiness to whoever happens to look at them. They are a beautiful way to lift someone’s spirits from the moment they’re popped in their vase!


5. Few gifts provide greater impact for a reasonable amount of money. Faux floral arrangements are one of those unique types of gift that can bring appreciation every moment of the day. Even the smallest of faux arrangements is a lovely thing to receive, and our larger shop-stoppers are a wonderful statement of affection!


Arabella Gift-Boxed Faux Arrangement

6. They’re unlikely to be forgotten. When faux flowers are given as a Christmas gift, especially if it’s a Christmas-themed arrangement, they’ll be brought out every year and used as a decoration pr table centre – maybe even as a photo prop. Your gift could become part of a family tradition!


Baby Barney with the Christmas Wishes wreath

Baby Barney with Christmas outfit on beside sleigh and faux wreath



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