faux floral arrangement on desk

🪴 Natural Touches for Working Spaces 👩‍💻

faux floral arrangement on desk

🌱 Natural Touches for Working Spaces

Working from home or WFH has become a way of life as the pandemic marches on, with many of our homes doubling up as offices. Many of us have had to leave our professional office spaces and set up in the sitting room; not ideal for productivity! Studies show that having nature around your workplace increases productivity, as well as looking more professional for businesses that are still customer-facing. Hairdressers, beauty treatment rooms and therapy rooms all need colour and texture!

Faux is (as usual!) the way to go – hassle-free, great variety and doesn’t mind being stuck in a dark corner. Bonus.


working from home


Whether you’re in the conservatory, a corner of the lounge, or even under the stairs Harry-Potter-style, we have the perfect solution to get you in the mood for work.

Faux Aloe Vera

If your workspace is small and minimalist, choose only a few objects for maximum impact: clutter-free equals a calm mind. This is especially important if you’ve no windows or little natural light. A desk, chair, laptop, minimum stationary…and that all important faux plant to make it feel welcoming. Try our artificial Asparagus Bush or faux Aloe Vera; small but perfect in every way.

For those lucky enough to have a room set aside for work, the possibilities open up a bit. A larger type of plant may well be an option. Try our Large Agave, or maybe even the statuesque plumes of our faux Pampas Grass may help inspire you to new heights of excellence! 

faux fountain grasses

Colour can keep you energized and inspired – it’s comforting and keeps things from feeling dismal. Try our Pink Fountain Grass for smaller spaces or supersize with our Large Pink Fountain Grass. If something a little more compact appeals, there are always our faux begonias. We have several types, including the Begonia, Rex Begonia, and the Blooming Begonia, all perfect imitations of the real thing.  

faux begonias

Faux succulents are chic and great for adding interesting texture. If you like rugged softness like this, try our Small Agave or Aloe Vera in a Gold Pot. They make a fun gift, too.

faux aloe vera and agave

Larger artificial plants for the floor like can add some life to a corner, and if you want something a little more artistic, group different sized faux ferns in one spot (three is best). Try the Country Fern or the Button Fern, both in our aged terracotta pots.

faux ferns

You can also rotate your faux seasonally to create inspiration and give your mind calm. Our ever-changing seasonal range of faux arrangements are great for this - dull and drab they ain’t! The beauty of faux is it can be easily stored and rotated helping you improve focus and get down to business.

Faux is also perfect for busy workplaces too.

Counselling and therapy rooms are small, but clients need something to look at while they’re mulling over their thoughts – try our Little Buds range of posies and minis. 

Beautifully textured hanging plants work well if you haven't much room – try our unusual faux Hanging Maranta when you need something to perk up a treatment room in your beauty salon.

faux hanging maranta

A beautiful faux bouquet to welcome in hairdressing clients? Got it covered with Perfect Peonies – double up to make something spectacular!


Easy to look after, immortal, and need no specific conditions to survive...and best of all - no one will know the difference! 



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