Sneeze in flower meadow

Pollen bomb - incoming!

Sneeze in flower meadow

🌸🐝 Pollen bomb - incoming!

As some of us already know, (and many are just finding out), allergy season is here! This summer seems to be different - it's now not just hay fever, some are calling it Thunder Fever ⛈️😱!
Thunder hay fever is triggered by large amounts of tiny pollen particles which are released into the air during thunderstorms. And the worst part? The particles split as a result of the humidity - making even more!
It's BAD this year - even people who don't usually get it are suffering, and - aside from the pharmaceuticals - we've got some tips to help.


👃 Our Top Tips 💫




Faux for it!

One of the best ways to avoid hay fever is to avoid pollen at all costs. We say the number one tip here faux! Guaranteed no-sneeze, itch-free, and always beautiful!
This abbreviated list from the NHS Hay Fever Guidelines has great advice:
❌ do not cut grass or walk on grass
❌ do not spend too much time outside
❌ do not dry clothes outside – they can catch pollen
And our personal favourite...
❌ do not keep fresh flowers in the house.
What a perfect excuse to FAUX! 
Facemask and sunglasses



Filter it out...

If you're out and about, that most ubiquitous accessory of the past two years, the facemask, is just the ticket! It's your very own portable filter, and the pollen will have a hard time getting through. Match it with a pair of wrap around sunglasses and it's the closest thing you'll get to a (socially acceptable!) gas mask! 


 Barney with faux pampas grass in bath



Shower down: pollen off.

Take a cool shower if it gets really bad - or why not pop some teabags in the fridge or cucumber to help itchy eyes.

Our fab faux is a great option to brighten up your bathroom - and of course it's sneeze-free so you won't add to the indoor pollen levels!





Afternoon delight? Mornings not so much! 

Pollen counts are worse in the morning as the dawn breeze has lifted it off plants and is blowing it around - so by mid-morning the little fellas are running riot. Conditions are better in the afternoon as by then it’s blown high into the atmosphere, so if you need to go outside now's your chance! Carnage resumes in the evening, when the pollen drops back to earth ready for the cycle to begin again. With that in mind, don’t open windows at night (so the pesky stuff can't get in) and cover your pillows with a cloth during the day, removing them carefully before bed. 


Enjoy a different kind of dawn with our Celeste bouquet, inspired by the stars at sunrise - beautiful to behold, and of course, pollen-free. Or enjoy an evening without sniffles with our Sundowning arrangement; perfectly encapsulating the warm tones of sunset.


See? We think of everything!




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