🥂 Entertaining with Faux!

🥂 Entertaining with Faux!

🥂 Entertaining with Faux!

Anyone who knows me will attest to my love of decorating for any occasion or party...I just love it! Faux is the PERFECT accompaniment for party tablescapes, and I use it so much when decorating for parties, picnics and just to make me happy! 


Faux cherry blossom tablescape
 Sakura Tablescaping with Joys of Spring and matching Pink Cherry Blossom Runner

I love the cottagecore aesthetic, and everything I do with house and home is always liberally sprinkled with country-style floral prints, faux florals and pretty ornaments. I use faux flowers because I got fed up with the hassle of real ones and the risk of everyone suffering a sneezy fit isn't very party-like! As a result my tablescapes always have a centrepiece of a beautiful faux bouquet, 🌸🌷🍃 accompanied by little touches like mini faux florals in little vases or faux garlands and some themed ornaments for the season. It also allows me to keep the tablescape for as long as I like – impossible with real flowers as they die! Using faux means I’ve not only got exactly what I need depending on the party, but also I don’t have to run out to buy something…and I can pack them away for next time. It makes life so much easier – and they look so lifelike no one notices the difference!


Faux Blossom Branch Arrangement

I love to put little touches of magic here and there to add interest, and to reflect my personality and those of my guests; little favours to make the party special. I love things like personalised cupcakes 🧁 or little personal trinkets to create a conversation if people are shy! Depending on the occasion I go all out to make the setting perfect; bunting, gingham tablecloths, table runners and balloons are always the right way to go! 💫


Aurora | Faux Floral Arrangement


With three small boys to look after I don’t have the time or the energy to prep and cook elaborate meals. I like to create one-pot dishes that I can throw in the aga and leave to slow cook, and then serve in the pot they’re cooked in. Cast iron or terracotta country-style cookware is great for this as they look so good on a table! I use a variety of different cutlery and table- and glassware depending if the occasion is for children or adults – but it’s always themed to suit. 🥂🌷

I just love entertaining and seeing people’s faces when they arrive to a beautiful tablescape set-up really makes my day! 😍🍾


Lots of love, 



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