fake flower arrangement

☕ Fancy a coffee...table arrangement?

fake flower arrangement

fake floral arrangement


Occasional table or coffee table arrangements are a lovely way of sharing your style. Creating a pleasing aesthetic doesn’t have to be difficult either, and whether your table is big or small, you can be sure of making a statement with these quick tips. 

The main thing to coffee-table-arranging is to start with something square (a book or even just the shape of the table). Next, add height, then something from nature - faux of course...and finally a contrast with a unique shape. They don't have to be separate, for example you can have a tall vase with a beautiful faux arrangement in - two in one!


 Choose small arrangements if you want something low-key - try our Little Buds small faux floral arrangements which handily come with their own matched vase!

Faux floral arrangements are the easiest way to accessorise a low or small table – even if they get knocked as people pass there won’t be any mess from falling flower or plant detritus. You can pop them on a stack of books or artfully arranged magazines: no spills – no stress!


Faux fern and rose arrangement

Use ornaments and 3-5 stacked books to create different heights, adding interest and texture. A statement vase with a lovely faux arrangement like our Harper bouquet in the Boro vase works well like this, as the more organic rounded lines of the vase and artificial flowers contrast well with square shapes like boxes, books or even folded blankets as shown.


Faux peony arrangement 

Blushing in Bennu Vase

It can also be that your shapes can echo each other, like the Bennu Vase paired with Blushing, beside a rounded ornament on a round decorative tray.

For a real declaration of chic, you can't go wrong with our statuesque Tabletop Pampas!

faux pampas 

This is stunning alone as a statement, or can be accompanied beautifully by a stack of books topped off with a stylish ornament.

Don't forget that artificial plants work well too - our artificial potted Asparagus Bush or a textured spiky faux Aloe Vera can be paired with anything. No need to worry about messy soil or pesky water staining here!


Fake Houseplants

Asparagus Bush

Aloe Vera

Country Fern


A trusty faux fern works equally well - try our Country Fern in our signature aged terracotta pot. Simply perfect for the job - no mess, looks great, and goes with everything. 

Faux Fern

 Country Fern 



White Faux Hydrangea 

Basket-Potted Faux White Hydrangea


If your home suits a real country style, another lovely option is the basket-potted Faux Hydrangea. This comes in white, blue and pink, so you can take your pick to suit your decor! 

 One more tip - if your coffee table is round, think of a triangle when arranging, and divide the space accordingly. And don't forget...have fun while arranging! Fancy a cuppa?



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