Bet you didn't know! Things to LOVE about Little Buds 💫

Bet you didn't know! Things to LOVE about Little Buds 💫

Bet you didn't know! Things to LOVE about Little Buds 💫
Things to love about Little Buds
Each of our bouquets are lovingly and individually curated in-house at Little Buds HQ, with every stem carefully chosen to make a beautiful whole. Hours are spent making sure that everything combines to make the showstopping arrangements you love!


Laura-Ann arranging a faux bouquet

Created to suit your needs for easy-peasy, beautiful looks

Little Buds founder Laura-Ann realised she couldn't be the only one who wanted an easy way to dress her home with faux. Looking online for beautiful, affordable and lifelike bouquets, she could only find arrangements that cost fortunes or else individual stems to then have to make her own, but nothing in-between. Little Buds fills that gap helping thousands of people to make their spaces look beautiful every single day fuss-free - and without spending huge amounts to do it!


Barr Family


Female founded and family run

Little Buds is a small family-owned business, run by Laura-Ann and her husband Chris, assisted by three fabulous females, Suzanne, Stefanie and Kirstie - and not forgetting our three little helpers...Bertie, George & baby Barney! 


Tickled Pink | Faux rose floral arrangement

Beautiful bouquets to display every day with limited numbers to keep them special

Most of our bouquets are created in limited numbers to make sure you have a regular choice of seasonal lovelies to choose from. They're designed to give you showstopping, quality arrangements to be displayed and admired every day...until you decide to switch up for the next season! Just pack, store and bring out as you like!  


Penelope | Faux floral arrangement

Our customer testimonials say it all:

My first purchase, but not my last. Very, very good quality - Sam M.
My third purchase...I buy these for my Mum. Her carers keep trying to water them as they are so realistic! - Caroline M.
This arrangement is totally gorgeous and commented on by everyone who has seen it. - Victoria 
What are you waiting faux?! 


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